Product Categories:

IonOptix (Cardiovascular Research Systems)

We offer a range of instruments and software from IonOptix LLc in the USA for cardiovascular research including calcium and contractility measurements in muscle cells and tissue and also cell pacing.

OPTICS11 (Tissue mechanical measurement)

The Piuma and Chiaro Nanoindenters are able to perform nano-indentation measurements of soft biomaterials, bringing the nano- and micro-mechanical properties of samples such as native and engineered tissues to light.

CellScale (Biomaterial mechanical testing)

CellScale products are focus on mechanical testing for biomaterials, and can provide several testing (Compress, Tensile, 3 point bending). And they have other series of mechanical stimulate culturing.

etaluma (3 colors fluorescence microscope)

etaluma's microscopes (Lumascope series) are very compact 3 colors fluorescence microscope, can be used in your incubetors, and focus on quality images, versatility, compact design, and ease of use.

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