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In our CellScale November newsletter we feature two customer publications that used rat/mouse in research to solve human diseases and understand human skin behavior.


Compressive Mechanical Properties of Rat and Pig Optic Nerve Head

Compressive Mechanical Properties of Rat and Pig Optic Nerve Head

Dr. Ross Ethier and his team from Georgia Institute of Technology delved into glucoma research by understanding the biomechanics of optic nerve head tissue under elevated intraocular pressure mechanical strain. Rat and pig optic nerve head tissue were used in this study and compared with varying compression loading cycles. Read this article.

CellScale equipment used: MicroTester Read more about Dr Ethier's research here: https://ethier.gatech.edu/

Regional-Dependent Biaxial Behavior of Young and Aged Mouse Skin

Dr. Manuel Rausch and team from the University of Texas at Austin compared young and aged mouse skin through histology analysis, 2 photon-microscopy observation and planar biaxial testing. Their results work toward predictive computational simulations of skin behavior. Read this article

CellScale equipment used: BioTester Read more about Dr Rausch's research here: http://www.manuelrausch.com/

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