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Flexcell - FX-6000T™ Tension System

FX-6000T™ Tension System

A computer-regulated bioreactor that uses vacuum pressure and positive air pressure to apply cyclic or static strain to cells cultured on flexible-bottomed culture plates.

  • Applies a defined, controlled, static or cyclic deformation to cells growing in 3D or monolayer

  • Allows users to simulate in vivo tissue strains and frequencies in vitro

  • State-of-the-art digital valve automatically regulates vacuum pressure and positive air pressure for specified strain regimen

  • Mimics in vivo conditions in cells from muscle, lung, heart, vascular vessels, skin, tendon, ligament, cartilage, and bone.

  • FlexSoft® FX-6000™ software allows for multiple frequency, amplitude and waveform changes to be programmed in one regimen

  • Compatible with Windows 10

  • Use Bioflex® culture plates with cylindrical loading posts to apply equibiaxial strain

  • Use Uniflex® culture plates with Arctangle® loading posts to apply uniaxial strain

  • Gradient strain or unconstrained distention achieved by removing loading stations

  • Drives up to 4 Flexlink® Controllers with 1 FX-6000T™ Tension System

  • Available waveforms: static, sinusoidal, heart stimulation, triangular, square and custom


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